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This blog is a place for me to post anything and everything related to my elemental universe.

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1001 arabian nights, aeon flux, air force one, alexander, all about eve, andromeda, angel, aquaman, batman, beastmaster, beowulf, birds of prey, blade, bonanza, brotherhood of the wolf, brothers grimm, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, burning zone, chronicles of riddick, clan of the cavebear, count of monte cristo, criminal minds, crossgen, crow, crux, csi, csi miami, csi new york, daredevil, dark angel, dead zone, dexter, die hard, dr. who, dresden files, earth: final conflict, eleventh hour, enterprise, equilibrium, er, eureka, fantastic four, firefly, fireworks, flight of dragons, forbidden kingdom, forever knight, frankenstein, g.i. joes, gargoyles, ghost in the shell, gilgamesh, glory, green arrow, green lantern, harry potter, heavy metal, hercules, hero, heroes, highlander, house, independence day, inuyasha, iron monkey, james bond, jurassic park, kindred embraced, king arthur, labrynth, last of the mohicans, law and order, level 9, leverage, lone wolf and cub, macgyver, magnificent seven, man from u.n.c.l.e., man in iron mask, master and commander, matrix, medical investigation, meridian, monk, mummy, myst, nash bridges, ncis, nero wolfe, neverending story, numb3rs, odyssey, pay it forward, pirates of the carribean, poirot, pretender, primeval, prison break, profiler, psych, queer as folk, quest for camelot, quills, read or die, red beard, robin hood, ronin warriors, ruse, sailor moon, saint, seaquest, sentinel, seven samurai, shawshank redemption, sigil, signs, smallville, sojourn, special unit 2, spiderman, star trek, star wars, stargate, stargate atlantis, supernatural, the cleaner, the flash, the fugitive, the mentalist, tin man, titan a.e., tomb raider, torchwood, trigun, troy, u.s. marshals, unit, van helsing, west wing, white dwarf, wild wild west, willow, winx club, without a trace, wonder woman, x-files, x-men, xena, zathura
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